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Victor Sauceda: Victor serves as the Executive Director for New Freedom. He is originally from California and has served over a decade in the prison system. Victor was introduced to the gang lifestyle at a very young age. Through his lived experience and passion for justice reform he is dedicated to… Read more ▼
Meet Phillip: My name is Phillip Krist. I am 38 years old from Bellingham Wa. My life has been a balancing act of survival and trying to find my true self. My biggest challenge has always been fear. Today I stand as a committed husband, father, and mentor, living with purpose in courage, strength, a… Read more ▼
Meet Yusef: Hey! my name is Yusef. I am a founding member of New Freedom Washington. Originally, I am from Los Angeles, California and I think that has something to do with me being a motivatied optimist. I am currently incarcerated due to my tragic life decisions. In seeking redemption from my past… Read more ▼
Meet Eric: Eric, grew up in Pacoima, California. In the neighborhood where gangs make up the everyday life culture . He spent about two decades in and out of the correctional facilities—from his early teenager years, until his early thirties. His life was consistent on proving himself to the neighbo… Read more ▼
Jim Leffew: Minister, Mentor, Motivator, and Networker Jim knew that he wanted to help people in need shortly after high school. He then went on to obtain a B.A. degree in Philosophy/Theology. Jim has worked in a number of different settings, missionary work in the Philippines, teaching in Christian… Read more ▼
Rachel Kjack: Rachel has 25 years experience working with everyone from Fortune 500 executives to justice-involved individuals returning to society after prison. She has built public-private partnerships between government and private industry, as well as numerous social venture startups. She is cur… Read more ▼
Tom Griffin: Tom has worked for most of his professional career as a Contract Manager for a number of large defense contractors. He specialized in managing a team of professionals in the creation of multi-million- dollar competitive proposals to all US Defense Departments as well as other US Governm… Read more ▼
Meet Musa: Musa Abdul-Mateen is the founder of Motivated, an organization dedicated to giving a voice to incarcerated Muslims all over the world. Formerly incarcerated for over two decades, Musa is familiar with life inside the system and understands the struggles men and woman face upon… Read more ▼
Meet Michael: Ex-professional football athlete (WSU and Seattle Seahawks) turned athletic training facility owner, head football coach and sports analyst (ROOT Sports and 710 ESPN- Seahawks radio