Meet our Facilitators


All of these individuals came together to support the same cause

Meet Jerry: My name is Jerry Munoz Duran, Sr. I grew up in a home full of anger and abuse, which led me to believe that life was that way for everyone. My lack of knowledge and immaturity guided me into selfishness and lack of compassion as that is all I ever received from my parents and the communi… Read more ▼
Meet Victor: My name is Victor Martinez. I’m currently seventeen years into a twenty-eight year sentence, twenty-five years for Washington State D.O.C and three years for Federal prison. From the age of twelve years old I have lived my life as a criminal. I was a gang member, a drug dealer and final… Read more ▼
Meet Randy: Arriving to prison at 19 years old in 2004, I was very susceptible to social influences. I quickly became a prison gang affiliate and for the first turbulent years of my time I caused myself many hardships by living in that pit of hopelessness and misery. I am now a gang interventionist… Read more ▼
Meet Kyle: I once heard the expression, "We accept the love we think we deserve." This could apply to any number of dysfunctional relationship types, but in the context of gangs it is especially poignant. I have been in prison for over three decades and like everyone else I know who has gone through… Read more ▼
Meet James: My name is James Paulk. I am 42 years old and from The Dalles, Oregon. I’ve been in prison the last 14 years, most of it spent alone and hopeless. All of my life, I only saw the differences between myself and others. I now feel hopeful and united with like minded individuals from all wal… Read more ▼
Meet Daniel: My name is Daniel Perez, I am 24 years old and was born in Yakima Washington. My environment brought gang violence and crime. When my brother passed in 2009 I decided to cope with my grief by turning towards the camaraderie of gang lifestyle and using violence as an outlet. I came to pr… Read more ▼
Meet Vu: My name is Viet Vu, I am 47 years old I’ve spent the last 33 years of my life, in and out of prison, because of gang, criminal lifestyle and bad decision. I no longer want to live that lifestyle, and have done all I can to change my life. Through New Freedom I want to help who ever I can, s… Read more ▼
Meet Kimothy: My story Is birthed in the familiar foster care to prison pipeline headline, another tentacle of this country's prison industrial complex. I'm from a broken home, a drug addicted mother who was in and out of jail, state and federal prison. I don't know my father. At age 14 my survival… Read more ▼
Meet Joseph: Im Joseph "Broadway" Kennedy During the initial enrollment screening for the New Freedom Program I was disappointed to learn that I had not been selected. At a later date I was elated to find that I would be accepted and enrolled in the upcoming class. Part of my trepidation in this pro… Read more ▼